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Aspiring a career that lets you seek out new opportunities / prospects, challenging the status quo and expanding your sphere. If you are looking forward for an organisation that sees you as an entity with knowledge, ambition and a distinctive identity. FRR is one such type. We provide a conducive working environment which would facilitate you in all the way to make your dreams come through

Our achievement is calculated in terms of our clients triumph/ success / victory.

Whether you are a fresher looking for opportunities to acquire knowledge and grow, or an experienced professional eager for challenges, FRR offers you the world. It’s not just a smart phrase for us. Associated Thinking is our corporate mantra! Our network of over 237 employees in different states complements local teams in bringing together a powerful combination of cultural diversity and our people's knowledge of their home environment. Equipped with this combination of skills, we actively seek out new opportunities and develop solutions to challenges faced by our clients and finally deliver business competitiveness.

We are a SEBI licensed Portfolio Manager

We are on the look out for smart relationship managers who have the capability to understand and sell our PMS schemes/strategy to High Networth Individuals prospects.

Our Strategy:

We keep booking profits systematically even when the long term view of that stock is intact. In times where there are so many risks, we reduce the number of risks we have to worry about. Therefore, we are careful of our PMS Model Risk, Implementation Risk and Data Risk. Some of the stocks where we have booked profits are TTK Prestige, Hercules Hoist, Dr.Reddy, Sun TV, DLF, Dabur etc. In some of these stocks the profits booked have been more than the price at which we started investing for clients. And in most its been approx 50% pa and higher than the price at which we started. The prices also have more or less remained the same with an exception of TTK Prestige. We don’t have a scheme which is all weather. We have some Lemons too. But due to our stops we have been able to lessen their impact. Our scheme is not where we will make money only on a "Sunny" day but will make limited losses when the markets are down and will capture alpha when markets go up. We strongly believe that it’s a mistake to predicate the success of our strategy on being clever. We believe in striking an appropriate balance between Managed Risk and Market Risk. So we are perhaps different. We will put in our heart, soul and mind in generating consistent returns for the clients introduced by the RM's.If you agree with these principals/strategy, please apply to hr@frrshares.com. A package commensurate to the skills will be offered if you introduce and maintain relationships not only with clients and but colleagues as well.

Derivatives, such as options or futures, are financial contracts, which derive their value off a spot price time-series, which is called the under-lying". For example, wheat farmers may wish to contract to sell their harvest at a future date to eliminate the risk of a change in prices by that date. Such a transaction would take place through a forward or futures market. This market is the "derivative market", and the prices on this market would be driven by the spot market price of wheat which is the "underlying". The terms "contracts" or "products" are often applied to denote the specific traded instrument.

The term Futures refers to an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at a certain price. Futures contracts are special types of forward contracts in the sense that the former are standardized exchange traded contracts.

An option is the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell something at a stated date at a stated price. A "call option" gives one the right to buy; a "put option" gives one the right to sell.

Presently, NSE and BSE are offering Derivatives Products based on their indexes as well as few selective stocks. By enrolling as a client with group FRR Shares, a client may avail of the opportunity to trade on derivatives segment of NSE as well as BSE.

FRR Shares belief in providing Convenient, Dependable and Secure services, the motto of CDSL, has rendered it to be the leading Depository Participant. The ever increasing number of B.O.’s of FRR Sharesis the result of its continuous endeavor to offer best of the class services to its valued clients. FRR Shareshas always ensured its clients that the facilities introduced by CDSL are provided to its clients and has given highest level of support to its clients to gain updated knowledge and technological support. The main emphasis has been to provide Customized & Personalized services, modest fees, routing Statements and transactions by electronic means at client ends through Easy & Easiest, valuation & online execution of transaction slips.

Portfolio Management Scheme



We expect the stock markets to remain volatile and range bound for medium term. We intend to capitalize on the current market environment, which is an ideal environment for Investment Trading and help the clients making decent returns. The strategy is based on Discretionary basis.


Minimum corpus for the strategy is fixed at Rs. 25 lacs. There is no lock-in period for the strategy; however, clients are advised to stay with the strategy at least for a period of one year. Though, according to us, the income generated out of this strategy will be treated as Business Income for Income Tax purpose, clients are requested to obtain advise from their tax consultants about the taxability. Currently, the strategy is not open for NRIs.


We expect the strategy to outperform the benchmark index and generate reasonably higher returns. However, the same can not be guaranteed by FRR Shares & Securities Ltd.


  • Views from technical analysts, momemtum and investment calls with endorsement from fundamental team.
  • Independent ideas from fundamental team.
  • No speculation
  • No derivatives except for hedging and portfolio re-balancing.
  • Only cash markets
  • No intraday trading
  • Trade size same for each stock not exceeding 20% of corpus.
  • Stop losses will be strictly in place
  • Investment committee will take the decisions to buy/sell
  • Consolidated portfolio valuation will be sent at end of every month.
  • Contract notes will be sent every day digitally
  • No leverages or borrowing of any kind will be done


  • AMC At 1% p.a. to be charged on quarterly basis (0.25% of the corpus at the end of every quarter).
  • Brokerage at 0.25% of the transaction value.
  • Profit sharing @ 20% of the profits above 20% return p.a. subject to High Water Mark basis.
  • Service Tax will be charged as applicable.


  • 2% p.a. Management Fees (i.e. 0. 50% of NAV chargeable at the end of every quarter on weighted average NAV).
  • There is no profit sharing under this option.
  • Brokerage shall be charged @ 0.25%
  • Service Tax will be charged as applicable.

            1. Minimum experience of 5 years in a known broking house

            2. Graduate degree

            3. Fluent in English coupled with conversational Gujarati and Hindi

            4. Prompt execution of trades on NSE and BSE across all segments

            5. Expect applicant to get client relationships to FRR

            6.  Attractive Salary cum incentive package.

Contact aditya.mehta@frrshares.com

Attention Investors

Stock Brokers can accept securities as margin from clients only by way of pledge in the depository system w.e.f. September 1, 2020. Update your mobile number & email Id with your stock broker/depository participant and receive OTP directly from depository on your email id and/or mobile number to create pledge.

BSE / NSE SEBI Registration No. INZ000279232, Depository Participant SEBI Registration No. – IN DP CDSL 132-2015
Mutual funds - ARN No. 81648 , Investment Adviser SEBI Registration No. : INA000008668.
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