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If EB5 is something you are considering, The time to act is Now

The new EB5 regulation is imminent, And it will be a game changer. On 27th June OMB (The US Office Of Management & Budget) Approved the final regulation. Big changes in the regulation are expected which could include a huge hike in the investment value to $1.3 million from $500,000.

Act now if you do not wish to invest more than $500,000


The EB5 Roadshows in India


Five important qualities/factors make you long term Investor.

Long Term View

Basic requirement for being long term investor is to have longer perspective of investment in various assets class.


This is the most important quality in making wealth from the stock market. As Warren Buffet puts it: "Stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to patient"

Quality stock/ Diversify portfolio

Investor should have portfolio of good quality stock which have been thoroughly researched for management and business. As Warren Buffet categorize the businesses"as Great, Good and Gruesome"

Don't be too greedy

Volatility ……yes…. Volatility in the market makes investor greedy.

Don't sell in panic

This market is the ocean of information where one needs to keep themselves calm while making any investment decision.

Let our Financial Knowledge Revolutionise the way you think. Stocks have been the best asset class in India for the last several decades. In order to gain from long term investment one needs to strategize. Our strategy named TRAINEE MILLIONAIRE, mainly targets recent college graduates like yourself, or people that have just started a new career. Somewhere between the ages of 18-30.

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